Impound Services

Call Drake Towing, we’ll be the bad guys for you

Got drivers parked illegally and dangerously on private property? Or abandoned vehicles cluttering your lot?  

You’re fully justified to exercise your right to remove them, and we can facilitate. We help managers & owners all over Vancouver remove unauthorized vehicle eyesores from their business site.

We specialize in TOWING SERVICES FOR:

  • Vehicle Recovery Services

  • Strata Parking Lots

  • Commercial Parking Lots

  • Fire Lanes

  • Underground Parking Lots

  • Customer Parking Lots

And the best part… it’s free!

Free for you, anyway. Vancouver bylaws dictate that the violator pays all fees.

All impounding is provided at no cost to the property.

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Drake Towing is specially equipped with low overhead tow trucks to fit into nearly every underground parking structure in Vancouver.

Not only that, every tow comes with 40 years of experience at no extra cost. Our capacity to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of this city has been keeping customers happy since 1972.

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